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released July 21, 2017

Guitars and bass on tracks 1,3,4 recorded at soundbox recording in New Bedford MA by Clint Lisboa
Drums on all tracks and guitars on songs 2,5,6 recorded at maximum sound studios in Danvers ma by Mike Moschetto
Mixed by Adam Cichocki
Mastered by Mike Kalajian
Guitar- Tyler Bragger, Tyler Ochs, Jesse Field
Bass- Tyler Ochs, Colin Peck
Drums- Max Couto
Vocals- Jesse Field, Tyler Bragger, Tyler Ochs
Additional percussion/production- Adam Cichocki



all rights reserved


Move You Still New Bedford, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Smile
I’d do it all again
For the sake of a story
Because if memory serves me correct
Blessings can be burdens
Under a different set of circumstances
And i always need a reason to complain
Because genuine emotion is getting hard to fake.

You were right in how you chose,
and i’ve been flipping coins
and calling them out
To try and decide on my own.
I watched the last one float away,
and wished that i could do the same
(as it started to fall)
I put my hands in my pockets and i moved on, so

Can you hear me?
I was calling out for you
But you closed your window
Pulled the shades down and blocked your ears

Can you hear me?
Or was it all too much,
Dont let me keep you
Dont let me keep you up

And i know there’s a lot of things
I havent fixed yet
A lot of wrongs I havent written.
And I know you moved on but not forgiven
But having nothing to show gives me a shred of hope
That this might still have meaning
And even gasping is still breathing.

I crawled under your bedroom door,
And I felt the signs
like I feel the wind
You changed your mind
And I felt the signs like I feel the wind in the tide
when I left you
Forgave you
Now the power’s in my hands
Can you hear me in the wind?
Track Name: Hard Light
I kill the kitchen light
And trace the wall back to my bed
And next i know im doing it again
Nothing gained inbetween
And its all my but fault but still the woe is me

Im over feeling older
Instead of making change
I need to kill self pity and peel myself
away from the bed frame.
And if i take away the part of me
That’s obsessed with getting sympathy
Ill start moving

Guess i’ll never change
Is it all a waste?

(chorus repeat)

Maybe I’m just off balance
Maybe im just not right
But if one small step can put heels over head

I think that maybe
Things were easy
When i didnt think at all

I think that maybe
Nothing’s that easy
The only hope is holding onto
all the things that fall
Between the cracks,
Between you and me
And hope we don’t lose the meaning.
Track Name: No Need
We say the same things
And mean the words inbetween
But on a different day or in a different place
We might not disagree
But here we are
Backs to an empty parking lot
Because you’re done hearing me talk
You’d rather sit and listen to
The stereo’s of the cars that pass you.

My friend
We haven’t been the same since.
I didnt mean for it to happen that way.
So lets drive around, talk it out
And let the rest flow
Because you took it too hard
Like all the things i take to heart.

The trade off
Is that i worked so hard
Wanted and waited
But you dont need it like you did
The excuses pour in,
Ad nauseam
But it turns out i dont need you like i did

And i cant hear about it anymore
Tell me a different story.
Ive heard this one too many times before
It always ends the same;
A smile and a promise to change
Your words have never held any weight.
Track Name: If You Have To Ask
I left your stuff out by the sidewalk
Because i know you wont be home
Its time to stop pretending the parts fall back in place.
I’ll watch the cars pick up your pieces
And drag our memories away
leave the rest dissolving in the rain

Not broken
Not bleeding
Not falling again for the same thing

And i know your world keeps spinning
Regardless of the way im feeling

I wish i could say sorry
But i dont say it anymore
And i wont pretend
That every thing i said was what i meant

(chorus repeat)

But if you have to ask how im doing
We havent been through the same thing
(you should know)
I havent been the same since
(you should know)
But there was nothing you did I didn’t put myself through

I used to push you
Just to see if I could
Move you
Just to get what I want
i meant to break you down and Im sorry for it now
I put my pride first so i dont get hurt.
But these words are stone
And dignity breaks easier than bone.
Track Name: Empirical
I think i get it now
I think i finally see
The cold rationality
Still switching words to fit your need.
Drowning out the voices that need to be heard
You deserve to be
Shaken up and shown youre not so tough
And if that doesnt work

Bury me again
To learn or to grieve
Or keep talking over me

But leave room for yourself
You’ll be down here with me in a matter of weeks

Youre a couple molecules short of empathy
But still convinced the problem is pedigree
Your worldview is a line in the sand
Far beyond your frame,
Beyond your fear beyond your hate.

If only you knew
how many you pushed aside
to be like you.
Track Name: First of a Thousand (thanks)
Youre hurting
And we know it
But you hide it well
And kick yourself
When you take it out on me
And i know youre scared cause i am
I can hear it every time that you breathe.
Im still here hoping life is worth the grief

Ill sleep forever in your sun,
Grab the warmth until its gone.

I wish you well
I wish you had the time
I dont need it all
Just take some of mine
And while you dance around your mind
My feet are planted
Your hand in mine
Nothing for granted.

I’ll sit with you in the waiting room
Until they call you in
And ill keep writing if you keep listening
If you keep checking in
When its my turn and not a second more
Ill meet you on the other side
Hold the door
You’re not going alone.